“Hardly anything is more powerful in theatre and film than the actor’s ability to conduct an uninterrupted flow of action and emotion in a beautiful, original and exciting way.”

Welcome to PeterBudevski.com. I am a director and acting teacher in Los Angeles who desires to present to you a new way of thinking about the art and science of Acting.

You are invited to see my shows and attend my classes. But if you don’t live in Southern California, you are welcome to visit my blog, where you can learn about my professional views, and share your opinion.

The creation of this website was in part influenced by the city I’ve been living in for the last several years, which I find an inspiring place for exchange of artistic ideas.

My part in this exchange so far consists of laying down the basic principles of human behavior, which are applicable to the theory of Acting.

The goal of my classes is to clear the roadway between your humble, ordinary, conscious 21st century civilized self, and the enormous potential of your subconscious, where the archetypal emotions, freedom, madness and passions of all characters in the world lie.

Peter Budevski


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