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III. 5. The Deepest Traps of All


Facts originating from the environment swarm on us every single moment of our lives. Wherever we go, whatever we do, objective reality challenges us with its countless, ever changing characteristics. Many of them (like air temperature or gravity) we have to conform with due to our nature; with others (like the social rules imposed on us) we deal because of our dependence on the community. (more…)

III. 4. The Undesired Liberty of a Happy Divorcee


Since we know and feel every day how heavily our survival depends on the environment, we try to turn it into a friendly place. Establishing harmony with the environment is the life goal of every one of us; it is our super-objective. Yet our constant efforts to improve it are not the result of a rational, purely utilitarian mindset. The need to influence the environment is embedded deeply in our nature, and finds its strength from the instinct for self-projection. (more…)

III. 3. Michael Makes His Final Move


A circumstance in itself is a fact, which exerts a certain influence on our action. Any fact, constituting any reality (present, past or imaginary) can become a circumstance to our current action, i.e. a part of our perception of the environment. (more…)

III. 2. Michael the Man v/s Mike the Young Male


Our perception of the environment is strongly individual due to our individual self-perception. The subjective arrangement of the circumstances in it is a result of our inborn inclinations, qualities and preferences, on one hand, and our experience, on the other. (more…)

III. 1. The Different Dream Houses Different Dreams Produce


Perception of the environment is the way we view and understand our surroundings. It is the other half (next to self-perception) of our general view on reality. In its essence it reflects the importance that we grant to the various parts of the world we live in. Streaming through the attitudes in our behavior, it is an extremely powerful indicator of our individuality. (more…)

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