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Thursday, November 20th, 2008


The Float Light Dostoyevski Kindled

This part of the blog is devoted to the presention of my discoveries in the realm of Acting as they were made and developed through the years. My career as a director and actor has repeatedly proven to me that getting a successful education in Acting means first and foremost comprehending, following and mastering the laws of real-life human behavior. Yet the deeper I got into teaching, the stronger became my frustration from my inability to connect these laws in a coherent way, using unified terminology. My explanations came out as descriptions of separate tools for acting, not as a sequence of interrelated naturally existing principles. I felt like teaching anatomy, without having a clue about physiology. I guess what I was instinctively looking for at the time, having the fundamentals, was the principal “material” with which one could start building the structure of any type of behavior. The science of psychology wouldn’t do any good; its terms were too abstract for our practical work… (more…)

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