Scene Study

(once a week*)

Our goal is:

  • to stimulate and expand the creative nature of the working actors;
  • to broaden the range of characters within their reach;
  • to familiarize them with different acting styles and approaches depending on the kind of text they are introduced to;
  • to help them improve their external actor’s instrument – body and voice;
  • to provide guidance on specific roles and acting tasks related to their current assignments

The actors present scenes and monologues chosen by them or assigned by the instructor. Depending on the opportunities suggested by the text, and the result the process closes on the relevant stage of the preparation necessary to be applied. Using the actor’s individuality as a starting point, special attention is given to systematizing and strengthening his/her analytical skills, finding the path to establishing emotional connection with the character, achieving a truthful and active presence on behalf of the character and acquiring the most original and memorable outer means in expressing the character. The state of total personal involvement with the role is further checked and developed through improvisational exercises based on the given circumstances. After completion of the rehearsals the pieces are to be viewed by agents and industry professionals.

*Pricing is formed on a monthly basis.
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