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VI. 2. Stella’s Stellar Step-back Stunt

Human life unfolds like a day spent in the depth of the woods, if we were dropped there by force of nature. At first we don’t have any idea where we are, and the noises and sights emerging from the murk don’t mean anything to us. We survive due to our instincts, as well as the help coming from others. Gradually the flicker of our experience combined with the torch light from the ones who stride alongside our crib start guiding us into recognizing the world. (more…)

V. 7. Nobody Is Just a Mother


In the process of deconstructing the working mechanism of our attention there’s a crucial question relating it to every aspect of our behavior: what determines the direction of our focus in the stretch of a certain amount of time? We constantly swap the objects of our attention; switch from the outer world to our inner self; change the degree of concentration. What logic does this ceaseless broken line follow? (more…)

II. 1. Animals, But Not Quite


Since the dawn of mankind people’s behavior can be categorized in two main courses of actions. For the sake of simplicity, let’s take our primeval ancestors, whose daily grind wasn’t “burdened” by the technological achievements of modernity. What must have been the life of a man occupying the Earth 50,000 years ago? His activities would have been organized around caring for and protecting himself, caring for and protecting his kin, reproducing, and playing. Certainly, behind each of these four descriptions there lies a multitude of various actions, but these categories cover basically all of his behavior. (more…)

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