Prof. Dr. Stanislav Semerdjiev, Rector of the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria

“In the course of his engagement Mr. Budevski presented himself as a richly and highly educated person. His ability to originally apply his vast knowledge and capabilities in the fields of theatre, film and mass communications helped him fulfill his obligations in a unique and professional way.”

T.K. Knowles, Bob Industries, Executive Producer/Partner

“Peter is a prominent director from the Eastern European School with a broad amount of general knowledge and highly developed professional skills. While viewing his films, I was impressed by his ability to interpret a rather sophisticated subject such as Dostoyevski’s “Notes from the Underground” in such an artistic, visual manner.”

Elvis Restiano, Writer, Director, Producer, Actor

“All of my impressions of Peter Budevski build a picture of a smart man and talented director. He is a creative personality I would be happy to work with.”

Stephane Perussel, Writer, Director, Actor – Paris, France

“I am happy that Mr. Budevski and I managed to realize a professional bond and to regularly exchange ideas”

Prof. Dr. Lidia Varbanova, Director of Arts Management Program, New Bulgarian University

“I have always been impressed by the innovative thinking, intellectual capacity and flexibility of Peter. He is very well respected among the students and his colleagues at the university.”

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Mihailov, Chair of the Department of Mass Communications, New Bulgarian University

“Peter Budevski is a teacher with a modern pedagogical language and a capability to involve “the very heart” of young people into the process.”

Stefan Iliev, President of the Union of Bulgarian Performers

“Through his works as a director in different Bulgarian theaters Budevski managed to confirm his skill to build productions with a broad and explicit imagery. His productions became examples of modern theatrical thinking.”

Slav Edrev, Head of the Professional School for Audio-Visual and Scenic Arts, Sofia

“I consider Peter Budevski to be a director and a pedagogue with certain virtues, which make his activities useful not only to the students, but also to the Bulgarian culture as a whole.”

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