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IV. 5. Who Could Have Imagined a Flip-flopping Steven!


The more integrated we are in society, the higher position our sense of morality occupies within the hierarchy of our self-perception. Being per se our signature under the contract with our community, our morality has the supreme power to elevate or sink any circumstance in our perception of the environment. The people from that poor neighborhood (chapter IV.1.) – no matter what their count was – would have acted differently, were their sense of morality strong enough to put the gangsters’ crime at the top of their personal perception of the environment. (more…)

IV. 1. Pretty Sheila Won’t Go Home


As we start consciously comprehending our surroundings they respond by imposing a demand on how we should perceive them. This demand focuses on a certain circumstance with which we are supposed to crown our perception of the environment. Like a powerful yet cunning horde our surroundings use a whole variety of fighting strategies – from straightforward attacks to deceitful tricks – to push this circumstance closer to the top position of our outer hierarchy. (more…)

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