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V. 5. Dan’s Turbulent Landing on the Other Side of the Moon


This post is a direct continuation of chapter V.4.

3. The Reality of the Abstract. Resorting to the past feeds our strength for dealing with the present, and directs us in shaping the future. “History teaches everything, including the future”, wrote Alphonse de Lamartine in the 19th century. This truth applies to individual human beings as well. It becomes possible because the past, through our memory, contains a very valuable asset: our experience. (more…)

III. 3. Michael Makes His Final Move


A circumstance in itself is a fact, which exerts a certain influence on our action. Any fact, constituting any reality (present, past or imaginary) can become a circumstance to our current action, i.e. a part of our perception of the environment. (more…)

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