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V. 2. As Bob Brewed So Bob Must Drink


Outer attention is the ability of the mind to direct the senses toward certain parts of reality and analyze the incoming information. Imagine a long corridor with a row of windows on one side. As we walk past we experience different sensations from the environment beyond them. We can see, smell, feel, hear, and even taste whatever objects exist on the other side. (more…)

V. 1. Kevin’s Best Learning Experience


In describing how the actor’s attention works Konstantin Stanislavski comes up with a relative but extremely useful division of the space around us, through which we can distinguish the main areas of our outer attention, i.e. the attention we direct to the outer world. These areas are the ones we “light up” by directing our senses towards them. Calling them “circles of attention”, he arranges these areas in a hierarchy of importance to the person acting on stage, and gives each of them a very specific role in the successful fulfillment of her intentions. (more…)

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