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V. 7. Nobody Is Just a Mother


In the process of deconstructing the working mechanism of our attention there’s a crucial question relating it to every aspect of our behavior: what determines the direction of our focus in the stretch of a certain amount of time? We constantly swap the objects of our attention; switch from the outer world to our inner self; change the degree of concentration. What logic does this ceaseless broken line follow? (more…)

II. 5. Laura’s Trilemma


Self-perception is constituted by the known by us circumstances about ourselves, and its structure is formed by the degree of importance we grant to each of these circumstances. This “inner” hierarchy changes continuously. As time passes and our experience grows, we get to know ourselves better, because the longer our life is, the more opportunities we have had to check on the validity of our self-image. (more…)

II. 4. Scott Juggles with His Future


Certainly, the sense of vocation is not the only type of self-projecting circumstances, which could occupy a top position in our self-perception. Moreover, no matter how strong a vocation is, at a certain point of our lives it can become irrelevant to the environment, which risks making us irrelevant. Successful people haven’t necessarily relied on their vocation. Some of them haven’t had a well-established talent at all. What those have been driven by was not their self-perception, but their extremely acute perception of the environment. (more…)

II. 3. Poor Pamela, Lucky Dave


There is a set of circumstances which casts an extremely powerful influence over our ever changing self-perception: our natural vocations. As a matter of fact, they represent its most cherished, its sweetest part, since A) following and developing them requires less effort and causes more joy than any other activity, and B) they bring us self-confidence through reinforcing our sense of uniqueness and even superiority to others. A self-perception where vocation occupies a leading spot in its hierarchal structure is one of a very happy person… (more…)

I. 1. These Boots Are Made for Walking…


Immediately after having been pulled out of the womb we manifest our first instinct as humans – to breathe. We suck in our first gulp of air from the new world we have been introduced into. With this we start our life journey: the complicated and exciting interrelation with our environment. (more…)

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